Nexus One Update Said to Add Pinch-to-Zoom & Improved 3G

My Nexus One, running Android 2.1, stubbornly tells me: Your system is up to date.. Engadget and ReadWriteWeb, however, reported that…

Nexus One gets a software update, enables multitouch (updated with video!)

Nexus One Gets Official Multitouch Support (Updated)

These “over the air” (OTA) updates tend be to rolled out incrementally. So, my Nexus One will probably be updated within the next 24 hours.

So, what’s the update (no version number provided by either report) bring to U.S. Nexus One owners?

– We join the rest of the world (and U.S. owners of phones like the Droid Eris and Hero) in getting pinch-to-zoom zoom support.
– Google Maps for mobile syncs starred and search suggestions with the desktop Google Maps
– Google Googles (always available as a separate download) is now a default app
– Improved 3G connectivity

I’ll report back on my Nexus One magicical OTA update as soon as it actually happens.

Here’s the official announcement from Google:
New Software Update for Nexus One phones

Two additional items:
1. Google Maps Navigation “night mode” automatically changes screen at night for easier viewing.
2. The OTA update is rolling out very gradually. Google says: most users might not receive the notification until the end of the week