Next New, Verizon Launch Music Video Site

Online TV firm Next New Networks and Verizon FiOS are launching an online network Thursday called $99 Music Videos to showcase the talents of emerging musicians and filmmakers.

The companies say they are looking to create an MTV for the digital and iTunes age against the backdrop of strong consumer interest in online music videos.

The network pairs musicians and filmmakers to produce original music videos for no more than $99, potentially giving them exposure to new fans.

The network launch kicks off with an original video for “The Sun Song” by La Strada, directed by executive producer and Webby Award-winning filmmaker Jack Ferry.

New videos will premiere every Thursday at Directors also include Dan Meth, Ana Veselic, Kathleen Grace and Matthew Semel. Upcoming music talent includes Jeffrey Lewis & the Junkyard, Via Audio, Plushgun, the Depreciation Guild, Project Jenny, Project Jan, Lowry and Savoir Adore Frances.

The forces behind the network include MTV’s original creative director Fred Seibert, a co-founder and the creative director of Next New Networks; Felicia Williams, former entertainment content manager at YouTube and Next New’s director of creative development; and Ferry.

“$99 Music Video stands for everything that’s exciting about Web entertainment today in bringing together rising star bands, creative filmmaking and a low-cost vibe to create original, fresh content,” Seibert said. “I was there at the start of MTV, and this has the same feeling all over again.”

Verizon is the exclusive launch sponsor for the network, which initially will consist of two shows: a behind-the-scenes look at the videos and the finished videos themselves. Viewers can rate the videos and submit their own.