Next New Cuts 7

nextnewnetworks.pngOnline video production studio Next New Networks has laid off 7 staffers out of about 45, paidContent reports.

It’s part of a larger restructuring that organizes the company into “audience development” and “programming” units.

Last year, the company lost a high-profile client when Talking Points Memo decided to go it alone for online video.

Online video (and we’re not talking Hulu here) has been struggling as of late. Last month, the studio behind the wildly popular Lonelygirl15 announced it was getting out of original production. Also in June, Yahoo closed Maven, the online video distribution and monetization startup it bought for $160 million. No jobs were lost during that closure.

In conclusion: it’s hard for companies that concentrate on producing professional (expensive) content for the Web, an environment where folks are just as happy to look at cameraphone videos of animals. Look, here’s one now!

(h/t cute overload)