Next Media Animation Responds to Mizzou Quitter

Earlier this week on Romenesko, yours truly commented as follows: “How long before NMA animates this?” The answer: about 36 hours.

Although in this case, Next Media Animation brass in Taipei, Taiwan took the unusual extra step of going live-action. It’s just the kind of response you would expect from NMA after one of their employees, Marina Shifrin, a University of Missouri journalism school grad, made waves with her taped resignation to the sounds of Kanye West‘s “Gone.”

Reporting yesterday from Taiwan for the LA Times, Ralph Jennings wrote that Shifrin’s sentiments have struck a local chord:

More often, workers just gripe that they must stay at the office past 7 p.m., or at least until bosses leave, to avoid being seen as slackers. Supervisors also may assign complex tasks late in the afternoon and call mid-evening meetings.

If you keep watching the above “We’re HIRING” video, the next auto-loaded NMA selection is all about ousted USC football coach Lane Kiffin. He was working even longer hours when he got the word, but making a lot more coin than Shifrin. Good luck to both!

Update (7:30 p.m.):
The first job offer for Shifrin didn’t take long to materialize. The “I Quit Girl” will reveal on Thursday’s The Queen Latifah Show whether she said yes to that program’s newly created position of digital content producer.