New York LGBT Magazine Finds Florida Suitor

Multimedia Platforms Inc. signs letter of intent to acquire Next magazine.

NextMagApril25CoverMultimedia Platforms Inc., an LGBT-focused company based in Fort Lauderdale, has signed a letter of intent to acquire Next magazine. From today’s announcement:

“As the first Manhattan based gay lifestyle magazine to be carried on newsstands, Next magazine has a legacy that provides a perfect fit with our ongoing growth plans,” says Bobby Blair, CEO of Multimedia Platforms. “With its circulation in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island and New Jersey, Next will anchor our brand in the Northeast as we expand across the country.”

Next began publishing in 1993 and, according to the release, has approximately 50,000 weekly print readers. Publisher David Moyal and editor-in-chief John Russell currently watch over a small staff.

Multimedia Platforms is already engaged with another New York company, Pink Banana Media, which is helping develop online product MMPW Social Media Network. Other portfolio publications include Florida weeklies The Agenda and Guy magazine.