Newsweek Tumblr Editor Mark Coatney Leaves for Tumblr

“Always lead with the news: I’ve decided to leave my position at Newsweek and accept a job at Tumblr,” writes Newsweek Tumblr editor Mark Coatney in a post on his personal Tumblr.
In a post tagged “Shameless Self-Promotion,” Coatney writes that the iffy future of Newsweek, which parent company The Washington Post put up for sale in early May, is not the reason behind his departure:

[T]his decision isn’t about the future of Newsweek; it’s about the future of Tumblr, and what I believe is a really interesting and great opportunity to help shape and grow a community, and to guide publishers into a new and better way of connecting with their readers. One of the reasons I’ve long been interested in online journalism is in the ways it can be, in a way no other medium can, a two-way communication between writer and reader; Tumblr is one of the best ways I’ve seen to accomplish that.

Coatney, whose work on the Newsweek Tumblr. has pushed the boundaries of how news outlets communicate with their audience, said his new job will be to communicate to other news outlets how Tumblr can connect journalists with their readers.
The post has so far garnered 46 “Notes,” many of which are “Likes” — probably endorsements of the move — and comments offering well-wishes from Coatney’s online followers.
For more on Coatney and his brave adventures with Newsweek in the Tumblr-sphere, check out FishbowlNY’s Q&A.
(h/t Joe Coscarelli Twitter)