Nikki Finke Goes Down Newsweek Memory Lane

From her 2012 World Wide Web stronghold, Nikki Finke circles back at to the early 1980s halcyon days of print. Back then, she didn’t call the shots quite the way she does now.

‘I’d specifically told the Newsweek powers-that-be that I didn’t want Washington,’ she writes. ‘So of course they put me in DC.’

Finke goes on to recall a tumultuous four days that began with her flying on Air Force One to the Augusta National golf course and then quickly returning to the White House beat because of some overseas events in Beirut. The real drama however kicked off a few days later, after that week’s issue was put to bed late:

I slept all day Monday. On Tuesday, October 25, I woke up, put on a very slick St John’s skirt suit, broke up at lunch with a married lover (who famously divorced his wife soon afterwards) and prepared to grab the DC-NY air shuttle for a quick dinner in Manhattan when I swung by the Newsweek bureau just to check in. Big Mistake.

You’ll have to read the rest of this delightful essay to find out why she was dispatched to Havana with photographer Larry Downing and $25,000 in expense cash. But believe it or not, the episode included him taking nude bathroom gag photos of her! Snaps that Finke speculates may still be floating around somewhere today.