Newsweek and International Business Times Revamped

The sites are getting updated.

Screen Shot 2015-12-10 at 8.36.08 AMThe sites for Newsweek and International Business Times are getting a facelift. Parent company IBT Media launched the new today, and the new debuts in the next few weeks.

The updated International Business Times comes with a new logo and fonts. now features a stream of posts on the left, a stock market graph on the right and space for a feature in the center. The site, as with all media website updates lately, was designed with the mobile reader in mind.

“To develop truly world-class brands we need to deliver a seamless experience to our readers across multiple touchpoints,” said Richard Pasqua, IBT Media’s chief experience officer, in a statement. “We have been extremely thoughtful in improving and optimizing the experience for our audience and our advertisers regardless of platform. Our readers will enjoy a more engaging user experience with outstanding readability.”

The revamped, debuting soon, will also feature larger fonts and images. The site is optimized for smartphones and will place more emphasis on Newsweek print articles.