Newspapers, your ink-smeared days are numbered (again)

More bad news for newspapers today as the killjoys at the Audit Bureau of Circulations bust out with the latest in plummeting circulations numbers, reporting an overall 1.9% drop in daily ciculation and a 2.5% drop on Sundays over the last six months compared to this time last year.

For a change, the young ‘uns are still being blamed. Other culprits/scapegoats include the new telemarketing “Do Not Call” registry and various circulation scandals, but this story is mostly about the numbers, most succinctly laid out here, with commentary here, and a round-up of articles (with a funny Newsday/Daily News snipfest kicker) courtesy of Romenesko here.

In other news, yesterday’s cheerleading “Print is here to stay!” story is looking a tad optimistic.

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