Newspaper Winners And Losers In The New FAS-FAX Report

The latest report from the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) is out, showing the top 25 daily papers in the U.S.

The Wall Street Journal, which has topped this list for a long time, is still king, with circulation at 2.1 million. That’s a 2.6 percent increase over the last time ABC reported WSJ’s circulation six months ago.

USA TODAY, once the largest newspaper in the nation, held the second place spot tight with mostly flat circulation.

The New York Times, #3 in the nation, actually boosted paid subscribers by 4.3 percent, as did the number-four LA Times (which had shed more than 8 percent of its subscribers six months ago).

One big gainer: the San Jose Mercury News, which was #8 in the nation six months ago and leapt up to the #5 spot, boosting circulation by 17 percent.

More after the jump, including the full list:

The Washington Post, NY Daily News, and NY Post all added subscribers in the past six months but it wasn’t enough to stop the Merc from rocketing past them to 5th place.

There are no percent increase or decrease data this time around because ABC has changed its counting methodology. But overall the picture is a mixed one for newspapers: far different from what we saw six months or twelve months ago.

The full list (courtesy Romenesko).

1. Wall Street Journal; 2,117,796
2. USA Today; 1,829,099
3. New York Times; 916,911
4. Los Angeles Times; 605,243
5. San Jose Mercury News; 577,665
6. Washington Post; 550,821
7. New York Daily News; 530,924
8. New York Post; 522,874
9. Chicago Tribune; 437,205
10. Chicago Sun-Times; 419,409
11. Dallas Morning News; 404,951
12. Houston Chronicle; 364,724
13. Philadephia Inquirer; 343,710
14. Arizona Republic; 337,170
15. Denver Post; 324,970
16. Newsday; 298,759
17. Star Tribune; 296,605
18. St. Petersburg Times; 292,441
19. Oregonian; 260,248
20. Cleveland Plain Dealer; 254,372
21. Seattle Times; 253,742
22. Detroit Free Press; 246,169
23. San Francisco Chronicle; 235,350
24. Newark Star Ledger; 229,255
25. Boston Globe; 219,214