Newsdeck Helps Companies Share News

Does your company still share news the old way, via long email threads or embedded links? Well, a free corporate news sharing app from Newsdeck just might be the answer.

newsdeck post picFounded in 2007 and based in Luxembourg, NEWSDECK bills itself as more than simply a news curation tool and more of a “productivity app intended for the enterprise world.”

In essence, the app-which can be used on any smartphone, tablet or PC-can help employees collect valuable online corporate information, such as competitive intelligence and market trends; share that information with colleagues and facilitate collaboration, ultimately making it easier to act upon.

Says Newsdeck’s IT developer Filipe Da Costa:

“Newsdeck users appreciate the app for its ‘closed environment,’ given the fact that it is confined to a department or an enterprise.

In a larger organization, Newsdeck is the tool used by a PR department to share the relevant news clippings that otherwise would be sent as a long list of web-links in an e-mail.

The voting buttons enable the different readers to provide input and feedback on what’s most relevant.

The channel function of Newsdeck acts as an archive of the relevant and most important news, more user friendly than a long list of bookmarks to articles.”

Da Costa also says that the added value of Newsdeck stems from the various social collaboration functions, which allows the news to be placed into context, and further enhanced through colleagues’ comments.

Moreover, organizational news is categorized by “channels,” which allows companies to build up a valuable knowledge management system based on publicly available information and enhanced with relevant company-wide comments.

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