NewsCred Chief Executive Talks About Irrational Optimism

love my jobThis “Corner Office” interview in The New York Times caught our eye. In particular, Shafqat Islam, chief executive of content marketing platform NewsCred, dished about “irrational optimism.”

In particular, maybe that’s because we’re immersed in winter and feel a sense of pessimism; his quotes boosted our spirits. And who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in an environment with other optimists?

He told the newspaper:

“I always talk about this notion of irrational optimism. Certainly as an entrepreneur, but almost in any form of work, I feel like you need to be irrationally optimistic about barriers you can break through, or things you can get accomplished, or projects that you can deliver in a certain amount of time.”

Yes, although he mentioned some things are truly impossible, the key is finding the right balance between “rallying the team and trying to accomplish the impossible versus being realistic.”

As for his management philosophy, he literally walks around the office every day to talk to developers and designers to “really get into” their daily work. Chalking it up to curiosity, he’s interested in what people work on.

He added:

“It’s a small thing that I would appreciate if I were them, and my managers showed that level of curiosity. And I am genuinely curious. If I were faking it, I think it would be pretty obvious.”

The optimist mentioned one core value at his company is focus. As for others, they involve simplifying and becoming your own boss. He quipped, “Don’t take no for an answer. Don’t bring up problems; bring up real solutions and just get things done.”