NewsCorp Does Branded Advertising


After a long battle, his greatest victory accomplished, Rupert Murdoch is utilizing soft power, in the form of branded advertising, before his next hot war — this time with The New York Times — begins in earnest. NewsCorp tells Fortune’s Richard Siklos that they are planning a $2 million-plus branded advertising campaign for tomorrow, the day after the $5 billion Dow Jones & Co. acquisition is complete. From CNNMoney:

”’It’s the first time we’ve given the company a narrative that expresses how we’ve gone against convention in providing greater choice and diversity in entertainment and information to consumers around the world,’ said a company insider.”

The ads will run in tomorrow’s New York Times (irony, anyone?), The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal. Two papers objected: The Financial Times, a competitor, and The China Daily, which declined because the ad contained the word ”free.”

CNNMoney post here.

(image via guardian)