News Corp. to Remove Its UK Newspapers From Nexis

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. will be taking material from The Times, The Sunday Times, the Sun and News of the World off of news-aggregation platform Nexis but will remain with sister property Lexis, reports The Guardian’s Mercedes Bunz.

Says Bunz:

An exact date hasn’t been confirmed, but it was made clear that there will be no access to the content of these papers on Nexis from around the time the paywall goes up.

The LexisNexis director of news and business, Bob De Laney, said: “At LexisNexis we are always supportive of publishers’ quests for new and sustainable business models to ensure a thriving publishing industry for the future. This decision is consistent with Rupert Murdoch’s well documented strategy.”

News Corp.’s departure from Nexis follows today’s earlier report that The Times and The Sunday Times would be putting pay walls in place this June.