News Corp. History Of International Kowtowing In 8,000 Words

New Corp. New Corp. New Corp. New Corp. Here at FBNY world headquarters, we freakin’ love reporting on Rupert Murdoch‘s hulking behemoth of a company. Our dedication, however, pales in comparison to that of Bruce Page. The author of the UK-published history of News Corp. The Murdoch Archipelago penned an 8,000-word Web exclusive on the company for CJR. Highlights from the first page:

  • “Making money at newspapers like The Wall Street Journal is something Murdoch has been notably bad at.”
  • “There’s a good case that the world would be better off without News Corp. There’s certainly a good case that he should not own The Wall Street Journal. And indeed we would be without News Corp. but for the kisses of life that have been applied to the corporation though the years by state power in various forms.”
  • “When Murdoch, building from his father’s Australia-based media company, acquired his first big asset, the British News of the World, in 1968, it was selling 6 million copies. Today, the Sunday tabloid struggles to sell half that.”

It’s a damn good thing we have tomorrow off so we can slog our way through the rest.