New Zealand Woman Overdoses on Coca-Cola

We would normally view this tragic story of a 30-year-old New Zealand mother of 8 who died of cardiac arrhythmia after drinking 2.2 gallons of Coca-Cola every day as something of a PR emergency–especially after reading that her family “had not considered her Coke habit dangerous because the drink did not carry any health warnings” and that her coroner recommended Coke add “appropriate warnings related to the dangers of consuming excessive quantities of the products” to all of its packaging. (The coroner also suggested that NZ authorities limit the amounts of caffeine allowed in carbonated beverages.)

But then we re-read what we just wrote and asked ourselves how anyone could drink 2.2 gallons of Coke a day, especially after she had “all her teeth removed after they went rotten due to excessive soft drink consumption” and gave birth to at least one child who was “born with no enamel on its teeth.”

Sad as this news may be, we now wonder whether Coke‘s follow-up statement expressing its “disappointment” in the coroner’s decision to link heart failure to soda was even necessary.