New York’s 29 Power Clans | Kitty Kelley’s Oprah Tell-All | Ex-CNN News Chief To Launch IraqSlogger | Post Cutting Liz Smith Columns | Nerve’s Babble


  • New York’s: 29 power families, including the overlooked Abramses. [NYO]
  • Media Mistakes: Of 2006. [Regret the Error]
  • Kitty Kelley: Forges ahead with unauthorized Oprah book. [NYP]
  • Former CNN News Chief: To launch IraqSlogger. [E&P]
  • NY Post: Cuts Liz Smith’s column publication by half. [Radar]
  • Founders: Launch, a site for “new urban parents.” [Daily Intel]
  • Sassy: Book. [WWD]