If This Is Wednesday, It Must Be New Yorker Cartoons Pitch Day

A highlight of last night’s 60 Minutes profile of New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff is the portion where Morley Safer sits in on the weekly Wednesday illustrator pitches.


One of the drawings submitted on this particular day hinged on, as is so often the case, a very clever cultural observation:

Mankoff: The apes are saying [to Tarzan]: “We found you and raised you as one of us. So we were just wondering at what point did you learn to shave?”

Artist Joe Dator: Can I say I have researched this? There is no iteration of Tarzan in literature, comic books or the movies in which he has facial hair. It makes no sense.

Safer follows the weekly cartoons editorial process all the way to the office of editor David Remnick, where final decisions are made. For this issue, Dator’s Tarzan gag made the cut.

In the “Overtime” segment, Safer mentions that when he told friends and colleagues he was working on a report about New Yorker cartoons, everyone asked the same thing – ‘What are your personal favorites?’ The answer includes one where the 60 Minutes correspondent was referenced by name in the caption.