New York Wants Us All to Know When Frank Rich Debuts

Back in early March, New York shocked us when it announced that Frank Rich was leaving The New York Times to join the magazine. Now that the news has settled in, New York apparently doesn’t want us to forget this monumental move, so the magazine is throwing up poster ads across the city announcing Rich’s debut column for its July 4th issue.

As Ad Age points out, these posters aren’t as cheap or as haphazard as they seem:

When New Yorkers see such posters – which are about the size of the bedroom-ready ones (e.g., Justin Bieber) sold at Walmart – slapped up on construction sheds and other seemingly random outdoor spaces throughout Manhattan, they often don’t realize that those seemingly ad hoc campaigns are actually carefully controlled by agreements between property owners and flyposting companies, which paste up and take down posters for various clients on tightly managed schedules.

Frankly (pun intended) we were hoping for a nice “save the date” card from New York, but this will just have to do.

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