NYT Back in ‘Unchartered’ Territory

NYAfterDeadlineLogoIn the very last paragraph of a recent New York Times item, Ana Romero, a reporter who covers Spain’s royal family for Madrid-based paper El Mundo, is quoted as follows:

“On paper, [Prince] Felipe is clearly our best prepared king,” said Ms. Romero, the journalist. “But we’re still entering unchartered territory in terms of predicting what kind of king — and this at a fragile moment for the monarchy and Spain.”

As NYT deputy news editor Philip B. Corbett notes today, the correct word is “uncharted”, not “unchartered.” Even though the latter came by means of a third-party quote, he writes that it should have been corrected.

Although Corbett gives Romero the benefit of the doubt, it’s very possible she used that word by mistake.* The kicker, from Corbett, is that the Times is now well past the two-dozen mark with this recurring Unchartered/Uncharted error.

*Update (July 2):
Via Twitter, Romero let us know that she did not use the word. Her remarks were translated.