New York Times To Pakistanis: Cover The Protests For Us.


The New York Times posted an unusual request to their website last night. Pakistani readers of the newspaper are being asked to send in photographs, video and text from anti-Pervez Musharraf protests in Rawalpindi and other cities. Users are requested to send in videos via Brightcove and to e-mail photographs to a Gmail address (

Are the Times having difficulties finding additional stringers? Are their current stringers overstretched? Or unable to cover events due to being targeted by the military?

Although at the time of writing this post, it appears that Musharraf has agreed to step down from the army and hold elections, as we all know… it’s a dicey situation. 500 members of Benazir Bhutto‘s party were arrested overnight and there is no guarantee Musharraf will stay in power until elections are held.

The original date for Pakistani elections was January 15; Musharraf is now promising they will be held before February 15.

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