New York Times Publishes Second Paterson Profile

They almost had us there for a second: When The New York Times ran a second feature about David Paterson yesterday, we thought for a second that this could be the scandalous drug-and-sex-filled expose that everyone was expecting. But nope, just another semi-damming piece about how the governor isn’t really trying that hard to win the election this year.

This involves $1k dinners during a time when the state is $3 million in debt, taking leisurely vacations around the Hamptons, and waiting till the last second to get together a plan for the $700 million in federal loan money for education that the state was asking for (and which it subsequently didn’t get). So Paterson isn’t really gunning for this job, fine…but at least he’s not out there beating up women and selling drugs. He leaves that to his aides.

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