New York Times Prepares to Roll Out Redesigned NYT Magazine

While most of the attention focused on the New York Times this week has been the exit of longtime columnist Frank Rich, who you’ve likely heard by now is heading to become the editor-at-large of New York, this Sunday you’re sure to also be talking about all the changes to the NYT Magazine. The recent columnist swaps has been making the rounds lately, including UnBeige favorite, Rob Walker, retiring “Consumed” from the magazine, as has speculation on what the new editor in charge, Hugo Lindgren, will bring to the table. For our design-y purposes, the Times itself has put up a small preview of this Sunday’s debut issue on the launch of their new inside-the-paper blog, The 6th Floor. Gone, it appears, are the stripped-bare covers design director Arem Duplessis was receiving raves for just a little under a year and a half ago. From afar and via a small jpeg, we’re sort of liking the new, more newspaper-y looking version (Yahoo has a slightly larger image), though we’re not sold on the headline type. However, we’re holding out full personal verdict until we have a copy it in our hot little hands this weekend. We’re extra curious to see what’s been redone inside as well.