Report: Chinese Authorities Set to Leave NYT New Hires Off Visa List

AustinRamzyTwitterpicAccording to William Wan, Beijing-based correspondent for the Washington Post, it’s mostly good news for those New York Times and Bloomberg reporters in China who were anxiously waiting for their work visas to be renewed. Although no reporter could go on-the-record with the Post, Wan was able to confirm the renewal of visas today, Thursday.

There is, however, one unfortunate catch. According to Wan, Times bureau chief Philip Pan and a fellow reporter – both newer hires – are still presently out of luck:

Austin Ramzy, a journalist who previously worked for Time magazine and began working for the New York Times this year, has not been given press accreditation nor allowed to apply for a permanent visa since he joined the Times, said journalists in Beijing.

When his journalist visa expired at the end of December, he was given a temporary visa at the last minute, which does not allow him to report from within China. Once the temporary visa expires at the end of January, he will be forced to leave after reporting for more than six years from China.

The Twitter feeds for Ramzy and Pan, obviously, gives no indication of his current troubles. Here’s hoping he and Pan sort this out before the end of the month.

[Photo courtesy: @austinramzy]