New York Post Slams Denton, Gawker Media

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (no offense to worms, you do you) you’ve heard about the Gawker Media empire being hacked. Today Claire Atkinson and Keith Kelly of The New York Post take Nick Denton to task over the fiasco. As you can see, the paper even came up with a fancy picture to really capture its rage.

The article explains that Denton is in unfamiliar territory:

Now Gawker — which rarely shows mercy to its own targets — finds itself in the awkward position of asking for forgiveness from the community of commenters it depends on for a steady stream of gossip, tips and remarks that are the ‘life-blood’ of its sites.

The thing is, for Denton and Gawker Media, this is all just fantastic. Sure, Denton feels slightly bad. It’s certainly not good business to have a site get hacked. But in the end, all this means is more page views, and no matter what Denton says, that’s always a good thing. This is a company that talked non-stop about how Julia Allison wasn’t worth talking about, just because it brought in those mouse clicks.

The great Charles Dickens (FishbowlNY mandatory Tuesday Dickens reference) once wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” For Denton and Gawker Media, that sentiment has never been more true than now.