New York Post Joins In Content Partnership With Revel In New York

Our sister site WebNewser has news today that production group Revel In New York will begin providing content to The New York Post‘s online video collection.

But these won’t be your normal Post videos of raw footage of riots or salacious celebrity appearances, oh no. Revel’s M.O. is to focus on individuals, “characters” in the city, and have them take you around New York to their favorite spots.

So why would the Post be interested in this sort of content? Says editor Erle Norton, “We’re excited about giving readers an intimate look into the city and its fascinating people.”

And not just corrupt politicians or Ashley Dupre, apparently.

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New York, NY (December 16, 2009) – The New York Post has announced a content partnership with Revel in New York, an online video production website that will provide video vignettes, profiles and stories about art, culture and unusual New York personalities to its website, The partnership launches today. Videos can be found at

“We try to expose a different side of our city’s culture and it’s exciting to join with the NY Post in presenting that,” said Scott Newman, Co-Creator and Producer, Revel In New York.

“The partnership with Revel and will showcase established artists, chefs, musicians and charismatic New Yorkers who make our city unique,” said editor Erle Norton. “We’re excited about giving readers an intimate look into the city and its fascinating people.”

The series is a guide for curious travelers and locals alike. Through the videos, Revel introduces interesting New Yorkers that range from established artists, chefs, musicians and other charismatic characters. The series will last approximately six months, with four videos online in the first week of the partnership. An additional video will be added to the site each week thereafter.

The videos are presented with the subject’s personal recommendations about their favorite things to do in New York City as well as their suggestions on books, music, films and the cultural interests that have shaped their tastes.