New York Media Reacts to Singer Amy Winehouse’s Death

On Saturday, a talented, albeit troubled singer died.  Amy Winehouse was 27. While the official cause of death hasn’t been determined, it has been widely speculated that she died of a drug overdose or alcohol abuse. As recently as May, Winehouse was back in a rehabilitation facility.   

Her death was tragic to millions of fans worldwide, but unfortunately she was headed on a collision course for an untimely death.

“[I] haven’t played her stuff in awhile due to [a] lack of  hits, but it’s sad once again to see someone with talent get snuffed away by drugs,” Abel Sanchez, DJ at Internet station Pulse 87, tells FishbowlNY.  “Sad to say, I kind of think this was the news we all hoped never to hear but in some way expected it.”

Amazingly, Winehouse joins the infamous group “27 Club” with Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison who died at the age of 27.

The British singer, Winehouse rose to fame with her sophomore album Back to Black in 2006–winning five Grammy Awards.

Given battles with substance abuse, Rehab became her signature track.

“Sadly, the chorus that made her a household name, singing ‘no, no, no’ to rehab, wasn’t just a catchy tune but truly a life struggle for the talented and troubled singer,” Anne Craig, former WNYW/Channel 5 entertainment reporter, says. “May the song Rehab be a reminder to us all that addiction is real and life is fragile.”

Winehouse, whose downward spirals would play out in front of the paparazzi, also admitted to dealing with mental illness issues.  

Matt Bosso, a weekend jock at Dance station WKTU, says Winehouse was as much conflicted as she was gifted.

“Hopefully, her tragic fate can serve as a catalyst for those fighting addiction to seek the treatment they need,” Basso says. “My thoughts and prayers go out to her family; may she live forever through her music.”