New York Magazine Photo Director Recalls ‘Empowerment’ of Cosby Accuser Shoots

Jody Quon, who conceived the idea of grouping together Cosby accusers, chats with PIX11 Morning News.

Nine photo shoots and interview sessions divided between New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. That’s how New York magazine’s stunning Bill Cosby cover story was put together.

New York photography director Jody Quon, who conceived the idea of grouping Cosby accusers together last December, chatted on Monday morning with PIX11 Morning News about the process. The station today has posted the video of that conversation:

“Before this project, they [the Cosby accusers] were all really alone. There were small communities of them, but they hadn’t really connected fully. So in a way, this project really connected the dots for all of them.”

“What was incredible was during the photo shoots, the women would arrive. You know, it’s not a very happy subject. The mood would be quite somber, but as they’re sharing their stories with each other, as the day progressed, there was a feeling of elation, empowerment. It was like this incredibly cathartic experience for them to partake in this. And that was a really moving experience for us at the magazine.”

In the interview with Kori Chambers and Sukanya Krishan, Quon also explains how the empty chair on the cover was something of a happy accident.

P.S. As Fusion’s Felix Salmon notes, the layout of the New York July 27-Aug. 9 cover is slightly different for the issue mailed to subscribers, to make room for the UPC code label.