Jackson Pollock Gets Walloped

XXX and a famous artist mark this New York magazine spot.

MaureenOConnor_07_14_ArticleThere were at least two mainstream high-brow X-rated journalism dives this week. One was by Marilyn Friedman for Salon, the other by Maureen O’Connor for the latest issue of New York magazine.

FishbowlNY was underwhelmed by both pieces. However, we will give New York magazine editors points for the image selected to frame O’Connor’s look at the politics of male external ejaculation. They chose a Jackson Pollock drip painting.

Alas, editorial beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. Here are a couple of comments left below O’Connor’s reporting, pretty much reflective of the overall reaction:

binkomagoo2: Has NYMag lost its f* * * * * * editorial mind? What was the purpose of this article? Pseudo psychology and sociology – when this just seems to have been a way to write about bizarre sexual practices to increase readership. It just reeks PATHETIC. Wow, is business so bad you’ve reduced yourselves to publishing this sort of dreck? Can’t help but wonder if this was assigned by an editor or if Ms. O’Connor suggested the piece. Either way it just shows a desperate lack of editorial judgment, which suggests that NYMag is a sad vestige of its previously glorious self.

metropony: Reading this article is a little like walking into the middle of a late-night drunken conversation at your local bar. You can probably relate to everything that’s being said, it’s just pointless and doesn’t go anywhere.

[Screen grab via: nymag.com]

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