New York Magazine Cuts Spitzer and Weiner In Half For This Week’s Cover

Warning to readers: If you want to sleep peacefully for the foreseeable future, please do not stare at this too hard or for too long.

Points to New York Magazine for this week’s creative cover, a mashup of two disgraced politicians now running for office in New York city: mayoral candidate and former congressman Anthony Weiner and comptroller candidate and former governor Elliot Spitzer.

The most amazing thing, or maybe the creepiest—we can’t tell—is that at first glance, you don’t notice that these are pictures of two different men spliced together instead of a single guy having a stroke.

From the sharp ears, to the trim hair, to the pursed lips to the triangle noses, it’s like Spitzer and Weiner are carbon copies. Spitzer’s narrow eye, contrasted with Weiner’s bright, round one  is what finally gives the trick a way, though the differences in the hairlines stick out a bit, too.

To top it off, the magazine splashed “Weiner?!” and “Spitzer?!” in red ink over the black and white photo, probably accurately summing up New Yorker’s reactions to these two as candidates.

Read their story on Weiner here, and the one on Spitzer here.

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