New York Fashion Week Quickly Losing Designers

Elsewhere in economic woe news in the big city, designers are dropping out of New York’s Fashion Week faster than you can count them, all citing financial considerations as the reason. Big names like Vera Wang and Carmen Marc Valo are out. DKNY is gone and Betsy Johnson, a staple at the event, has decided to pull the plug and will just be having a small private party to show off her new work. All of this leaves the Fashion Week website looking a little, ahem, unfinished (maybe permanently?). While we’re sure it is expensive to be a part of the big annual show, one must wonder if that really was the reason, or if it’s just considered in bad taste to be a part of this celebration of luxury while Rome burns around it. That might seem particularly important to people like Johnson, who has decided to follow the money as wallets clamp down. Here’s from the Examiner:

The one bright side to the fashion recession: Betsey Johnson is going to collaborate with a retailer for a limited-time only line that will launch in the fall. Most likely it would be either H&M or Target since they have done this type of thing many times in the past.

Our money is on H&M, as we’re pretty sure Target would have been putting out press releases six months ago if they’d landed Johnson for a one-off blast of branded product.