New York Newspaper Print Circulation: Down, Down and Really Down

Grim figures from the Alliance for Audited Media.

Here’s one of the problems when a newspaper like the New York Daily News starts gleefully blasting out its front page the night before, on social media. There’s no need to think about perusing or picking up a copy the next day.

Per the latest figures from the Alliance for Audited Media, as vetted by New York Post media columnist Keith J. Kelly, the Daily News got hammered on all print fronts during the most recent measurement frame. For the third quarter of 2016:

The News saw its weekday print circulation tumble 11.2 percent [from the same period in 2015], to 207,680, almost double the 6.8 drop at the Post, which fell to 230,634. The Times reported a decline of 5.5 percent, to 551,579.

At the newsstand end, Daily News sales cratered by a slightly higher click [pun intended] of 11.4 percent. The Post is the top selling New York daily in this weekday environment, outdistancing the News by an average of 55,000 copies and the Times by around 90,000.

Editor’s Note (Nov. 18):
The third quarter of 2015 marked the last time The New York Times reported its international print edition circulation numbers to AAM. The average weekday circulation for those was 135,990 in Q3 of 2015. The absence of those numbers from Q3 2016 likely accounts for most if not all of the paper’s statistical decline.