New Years Resolutions

The journalists featured in Hotline’s piece:

    Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter: “To empty the dishwasher more, lecture the kids less and try to stay focused more on political substance than the horse race…”

    Houston Chronicle’s Julie Mason: “In 2007, I resolve to definitely get serious about work; I will quit pinching Tony Snow’s butt and then pointing at Jim Axelrod; I will stop stealing Ken Herman’s jokes and blogging them as my own, I will not marry Kid Rock (again), I will exercise more, drink less (in Waco), resist the urge to write some swoony piece about Obama one week then a crappy one the next, and always wear panties when exiting the motorcade.”’s Chris Cillizza: “Eat more vegetables.”

    ATR’s Grover Norquist: “To put Ronald Reagan on the $20 or the $50 bill. Offer DC and Puerto Rico a deal on statehood for a slight name change. Or get a present state named after Ronald Reagan: do we really need two Dakotas and two Carolinas?”

    NBC News’ Elizabeth Wilner: “E-mail less, call more.”

    New York Times’ David Brooks: “1. Lose 20 pounds and eat my way through the Iowa State Fair. 2. Say something positive about Obama for once. 3. Persuade 3 more conservatives to read NY Times. 4. Sell more books than Friedman, Woodward and Gladwell. (Must remember to write one, first). 5. No more Mr. Nice Guy.”

    ABC News’ Karen Travers: “My resolution is to limit my use of personal communication devices to one at a time (none while driving) and TRY to put the Blackberry away when I’m with friends and family. (this will be broken at approximately 12:04am ET on January 1, 2007).”

    Washington Post’s Dana Milbank: “I resolve to find something nice to say about Jeff Sessions? I resolve to stop using Al Sharpton as my all-purpose punchline?”

    The Politico’s Anne Schroeder: “To stop yelling at my magazines and, at my TV, for that matter. Deep down inside, I know they can’t hear me.”

    Bloomberg’s Al Hunt: “To realize that the most important story of 2007 — at least the first half — is not who is going to win the presidency in 2008.”

    Newsweek’s Howard Fineman: “To better appreciate and be more worthy of the good luck I’ve had so far in life and work.”

    New York Daily News’ Ken Bazinet: “My resolution is to be kind to small children, pets, Rudy and Hillary, and avoid getting sucked into making the race for the White House into a sprint, more than a year out from election day (and schedule next vacation for late November 2008).”

    CBS News’ Troy Roberts: “I resolve to stop believing there’s a dark mystery behind the most common and mundane occurrences. I will try to remember that some people do die from natural causes. I will not forget that spouses can part amicably. And I will accept that it’s not always about the money, right?”

    Cook Report’s Charlie Cook: “To lose some weight, eat a little better, take a bit better care of myself, so that I can survive the 2008 campaign and be around for the 2010 midterm elections.”

    CBS News’ Susan Spencer: “I resolve never to say in 20 words what can be better said in 10… it is, after all, TELEVISION! Cheers.”

    CNN’s Joe Johns: “I’m a chronic resolution maker, so here’s the ‘work in progress.’ 1) Pause, breathe and look for the humor. 2) Question Authority. (This one makes the list every year.) 3) Learn from the kids. 4) Keep the MP3s but squeeze in more art, theater and live music. OK, 1st run movies too. 5) Make Smoother Transitions: eg: Avoid Miami International Airport for a whole year. 6) Something about being an agent of change that doesn’t sound so James Bondish. 7) Never give up. On Anything. 8) Golf Lessons (before too many people discover how truly awful I am at this game). 9) Exhale.”

    Columnist Jack Germond: “To maintain some semblance of mental health, I resolve to click the remote immediately to an old movie with Hedy Lamarr every time I hear someone from the White House promising freedom and democracy in the Middle East.”

    CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson: “To enjoy new adventures and take time to savour the precious moments.”

    The Hill’s Alexandra Stoddard: “Sometime in 2007 I plan on finding something original to say about Barack Obama.”

    CNN’s Candy Crowley: “I resolve in 2007 never to use the words: ‘Rock Star’ (unless speaking of Mick Jagger or my son), ‘America’s Mayor’ (unless somebody gets elected to the office), ‘Maverick’ (unless discussing the TV show of the same name — yes, I’m conscious that this dates me), ‘Smackdown’ (unless Hulk Hogan personally asks me to say it), ‘Underdog’ (unless covering a human interest story about runts in a litter), ‘Long Shot’ (unless competing in an archery competition), ‘Soccer Moms’ and ‘NASCAR Dads’ (unless a Mom plays soccer and a Dad drives race cars).”