New Website Tracks World Trade Center Progress, or Lack Thereof

WTCprogress.jpgWere you a contestant on The 25,000 Pyramid and your celebrity partner—the late Nipsy Russell, let’s say—was trying to provide examples of “Things That Progress,” he would not mention the World Trade Center redevelopment. Nevertheless, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has launched (pictured at left), a website “designed to provide the public with an all-access pass into the rebuilding effort, which includes construction on the 16-acre site of a memorial, the transportation hub, five major office towers, and related projects.”

The agency has also pledged to post quarterly updates on milestones identified as critical to the rebuilding efforts. They’re kicking things off with nine “initial interim milestones” (although we tend to view stones described as “initial” and “interim” as more of the stepping variety) slated for completion this quarter: the start of procurement for structural steel for the transportation hub, completion of the foundation for One World Trade Center, the Freedom Tower, and erecting steel in a section of the memorial. According to Port Authority Chairman Anthony R. Coscia, will “provide more information than ever before about progress in rebuilding at the World Trade Center site, and will give the public an opportunity to voice their comments and concerns to the agency.” Through Tuesday, the site is soliciting questions for its “Ask the Port Authority” section, so go crazy. (Finally, a place for us to submit all those queries that went unanswered by The Ethicist and Dear Abby.)