New Survey Shows Smiling Is Best Way to Make First Impression

Got smiles?

Good, we knew you did. According to a survey conducted by Kelton Global on behalf of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, first positive impressions all come down to the power of an attractive smile. So, when it comes to a coveted job interview, candidates should flash those pearly whites to make a positive impression.

Per the study, 48 percent of adults think a smile is the most memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time. This is even more powerful than the spoken word which raked in 25 percent of respondents. The way someone dresses pulled in nine percent and the way someone smells got eight percent of respondents.

It’s pretty close across generations since 52 percent of adults older than 50 and 45 percent of the 18-49 demographic are most likely to remember a smile after they’re introduced to someone for the first time.

That said, it’s not any ol’ smile mind you. Apparently it has to be attractive in order to be equated with a positive first impression. So, how does one define an appealing smile?

Well, the survey revealed that some Americans view people differently if they have crooked or stained teeth. That’s viewed as less attractive, according to 37 percent of respondents. In fact, 25 percent of survey participants indicated people were viewed as less confident than people with “perfect” teeth.

Other than the tip to smile at a networking event, job interview, and anything related to first impressions, the survey can serve as a reminder to smile online as well for your professional headshot for LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media profiles.