New Survey Says 89 Percent of Job Seekers Rely on Mobile Devices

mobile phonesIt’s hard to believe there once was a time when many of us actually searched for a job offline. As in the newspaper!

That’s because a new survey published by Glassdoor reveals 89 percent of job seekers rely on their mobile device to search for a new gig. That’s really no surprise when you think about how convenient it is to search whether you’re sitting on a train for your commute or in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Whatever the scenario, the numbers keep rising.

Not only do the numbers steadily increase (last year the magic number was 82 percent), their frequency is boosted as well. Per the survey, 45 percent of job seekers mention their mobile devices are used to specifically search for jobs at least once a day.

Specifically job seekers are searching for new opportunities and then saving them to apply from their computer later on. Others are using the device to get real-time alerts about new job openings whereas others use it to visit a company’s career site as well as read company reviews from employees.

Per the press release, Glassdoor’s chief technology officer Ryan Aylward explained:

“Mobile job search is here to stay, and we know that means being able to find relevant jobs in addition to being able to research companies, salaries and more directly from a mobile device.”

It sounds like the mobile device is primarily used for searching and not applying. Almost one in two people in the survey believe it is challenging to apply for jobs from their device and one in four are deterred from applying when the company’s career site or job postings aren’t optimized for mobile usage.