New Survey Reveals One in Five Workers Want New Job in 2014

judgeIf you’re looking for a new job, you’re not alone. Actually, you’ll be among a pack of job seekers seeking better opportunities this year, thanks to new data from a CareerBuilder survey.

That is, one in five workers revealed they want a new job this year. We must admit, we’re not sure what to make of these numbers — yes, that’s great people feel confident in the market to move on but why are so many people unhappy?  Maybe they’ve been waiting things out in their current job for too long and feel like the time is right to move on?

According to the statistics, only 59 percent of workers indicated they’re satisfied with their jobs. This is a significant drop from last year’s percentage of 66. Digging deeper, people claiming dissatisfaction pointed to salary concerns and not feeling valued as the top two reasons.

Per the press release, Rosemary Haefner, vice president of human resources for CareerBuilder, stated, “Offering frequent recognition, merit bonuses, training programs and clearly defined career paths are important ways to show workers what they mean to the company.”

She pointed out the labor market is likely warming up because when more workers change jobs, that’s a sign of a stronger market. Knee deep in the recession, very few people wanted to leave jobs voluntarily because their options were limited and they likely didn’t want to be the last one in, first one out in case the new company had to layoff its staff.

The survey itself mentioned a variety of reasons pointing to dissatisfaction in addition to feeling underpaid and undervalued. Many felt underemployed, highly stressed and lacked work/life balance. Some reported feeling unhappy due to being overlooked for a promotion and others have a poor opinion of their boss’s performance.