New Survey Reveals 30 Percent of Office Romances Resulted in Marriage

This just in…move over, step aside HowAboutWe. If you’re looking for romance this Valentine’s Day, it might be found in your very own office.

According to a new Careerbuilder survey, 39 percent of participating employees mentioned they dated a co-worker at least once during their career. Not only that, but wedding bells rang for 30 percent of people who dated a co-worker! Not too shabby odds, eh? In fact, most respondents indicated they were open about their office romance and didn’t keep it hidden.

In case you’re wondering where exactly sparks begin to fly, social settings outside the office typically lay the groundwork for connections. Other responses included runing into each other outside of the office, happy hours, late nights at work and lunch.

As for the nitty gritty and the 4,000 people surveyed, almost one-third (29 percent for anyone keeping score), dated someone above them in the company’s hierarchy and 16 confessed to dating their own boss!

In case you’re wondering, leisure and hospitality was the top industry for work romance to bloom, followed by information technology, financial, health care and then professional and business services.

As for the overall career question when someone reveals what they do for a living, 26 percent of employees indicated that makes an impact on their decision on whether or not to date them.

On the contrary, six percent of participants broke up with their significant other because the job was demanding and required too many hours, therefore resulting in less hours on the relationship front. Other job-related reasons why people broke up included their guy or gal not earning enough money or simply not liking the business they worked in.