New Survey Examines Plight of the Long-Term Unemployed

relocate jobAccording to a new survey conducted by CareerBuilder, the long-term unemployed job seeker’s plight continues in the new year.

Per the survey encompassing over 300 people who have been unemployed for over 12 months, 44 percent indicated they look for jobs every single day whereas 43 percent said they look every week. Approximately 30 percent said they haven’t gone on any job interviews since they lost their job and the range is wide since another 30 percent revealed they’ve had five or more interviews.

As they pound the pavement, concerns regarding their skills continue to grow. It’s left 45 percent of survey participants wondering if their skills have depreciated. More than half said their technology skills have been weakening.

Regarding their own challenges, the long-term unemployed population indicated their age or experience can be a disadvantage. Plus, it’s a self-defeating situation — the longer they’re unemployed, the more they feel employers are less responsive to their candidacy.

Plus, let’s not forget industries are changing. Participants indicated the number of jobs in their particular professions have dropped significantly so technically there just aren’t as many openings as there used to be.

Others referenced geography and distance as a challenge while others pointed to not being able to easily transfer skills into a new area.

Let’s not end this post on such a grim note, okay? The survey indicated the long-term unemployed remain optimistic. About 20 percent have expanded their network online and offline; another 20 percent have been busy volunteering. Some people signed up with a staffing firm and others took on part-time or freelance work.