New Study Shows Employer Policies on Mobile Devices After-Hours

Come on, ‘fess up. If you have a work BlackBerry or iPhone, chances are you’re glued to it after hours in addition to the normal work day.

According to new reseach conducted by the Society for Human ResourceManagement (SHRM), employees use their mobile devices during off hours but almost one-quarter of the organizations surveyed have a formal policy to limit its use.

As for the other percentage, companies say they permit employees to set their own accessibility with their wireless device.

Evren Esen, manager of the SHRM Survey Research Center, explained, “Employers are not creating policies that delve into employees working outside of the traditional workday.”

She added, “Whether an employee responds to e-mail at night or during the weekend is usually linked to organizational norms. If there is such an expectation, then employees are likely to follow suit.”