New Stella Artois Redesign to be Unveiled Soon


Fresh off their parent company’s purchase of Budweiser, Stella Artois is getting a makeover, likely, in part, to help freshen up its image now that it’s a name familiar to many more Joe Sixpacks in American than it was just a few months ago. According to Brand Republic, the bottle redesign, which should be completely unveiled by the end of the month, was handled by Pearlfisher and features a much slimmer wraparound, a cleaner overall look, and puts the focus squarely on the beer’s logo. Here’s a bit:

The refresh, which was created by Claudio Vecchio and overseen by creative director Shaun Bowen, will be rolled out globally this month.

Bowen said: “We have focused on the logo as the ‘hero’ of the packaging, reinforcing the premium cues and making it more modern, ownable and distinctive.”

Who doesn’t need a beer after a blast of marketing-speak like that?