New School, New Lease On Life

We’re skeptical folks in general, but this morning’s inbox brought a twist even we hadn’t seen coming, not in a million zillion gillion years. New School University, which we always–erroneously in retrospect–called the New School, has, in fact, officially changed its name to The New School. Apparently it took two years of thoughtful and careful planning for this change, which we think marks an irreparable shift in the zeitgeist, if not the culturescape. We’re visual, not linguistic, critics, but we’re not quite sure if the new names have the same flow the old ones did. We used to lovingly walk past Parsons, rolling its name, Lo-li-ta-esque, over our admittedly sophomoric tongue, but pulling the same linguistic frisson out of Parsons The New School for Design just isn’t seeming that plausible.

Even more terrifying, they’re fucking around with the school colors, something we hold absolutely, incomparably, and profoundly sacred.

The names come with a new graphic identity, which is vibrant, kinetic,
dynamic, and untraditional, developed by leading brand consultancy
Siegel & Gale. There is no one school color as with most universities.
Instead the palette is a bold statement of bright reds, oranges, and
yellows. In addition, the logo is not fixed, but rather it has multiple states to exemplify a school that is active and alive. Evidence of the new design will be seen starting this summer.

Just when we thought we could trust again.