New Rumors Leak About a 7″ Surface Tablet

A Mockup or the Real Thing?Now that the launch of the Microsoft Surface tablet is a couple weeks past, the blogosphere has turned its attention to the next rumor.

According to The Verge, a new 7″ Surface tablet has been confirmed as being in the works. It’s going to be called the Xbox Surface and if this rumor is true then it will likely have specs similar to the ones leaked back in June.

The current rumor confirms that the Xbox Surface will be more of a controller for the Xbox and less of a standalone tablet. It’s going to function similar to the WiiU controller which Nintendo has been showing off for the past year and a half. The CPU and most of the hardware will be inside the Xbox console, while the tablet will contain Wifi/BT, extra RAM, and storage card slots, as well as the 7″ screen.

This controller would be part of the rumored Xbox 720. This is the name which a number of blogs have attached to Microsoft’s next Xbox console. It’s based on a leaked 56-page internal MS document which described some of the new and still unseen console’s features.

The Xbox 720 is expected to ship some time in 2013. I  am betting it will launch in the fall, just in time to catch the holiday sales.

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