New Report — Facebook Credits: Deployment Strategies in Facebook Games

We’re proud to announce that the latest edition of Social Times PRO includes two new fantastic reports, including Facebook Credits: Deployment Strategies in Facebook Games and Facebook Ad Networks: A Guide To Monetizing Facebook Games & Apps.  The two have been crafted from research over the last few months and will help anybody in the Facebook Games industry better achieve their goals.

Check out the description for the Facebook Credits report below, and definitely sign up for Social Times PRO to get access.

This July, Facebook Credits will become the mandatory payment method fo\r third party app developers on the social network, positioning the virtual currency for strong, explosive growth. This growth will likely be driven in great part by daily active players of social games, who now comprise well over 150 million users. With that in mind, SocialTimes Pro talked with several leaders in this space to review their Facebook Credit deployment strategies in the run-up to the July changeover, summarize their concerns and forecasts, and synthesize their advice on monetizing social games in this new era of Facebook Credits-driven gaming.