New Lady Gaga Album for 99 Cents on Amazon. An Extra Win for Android Users

Amazon lured Android users to their new Android App Store by offering Angry Birds Rio for free. Now, Amazon is simultaneously taking on iTunes and Google Music (which is still in private beta) by offering the new album from Lady Gaga for 99 cents.

Amazon Almost Giving Away Lady Gaga’s New Album (All Things D)

PC Mag noted that the special sale was so successful that it nearly brought down even Amazon’s heavy duty server system (which makes you wonder about Amazon Web Services).

Lady Gaga Downloads Overwhelm Amazon

From the mobile perspective, this is an extra great deal for Android users. The 99 cents not only gets them a new album of songs by a super popular artist, it also gives them one year of 20GB of Amazon Cloud Drive space (assuming they did not previously buy an MP3 album and already have that space). This is an upgrade from the 5GB available with the free service. The Amazon MP3 app can either download the songs or play them as streaming audio directly from the Cloud Drive.