New Kindle DX Available July 7 for $389. Still a Niche Product IMHO. But That is OK. Amazon Still Wins

The Kindle dropped to $189 recently. Now, the larger Kindle DX gets both an model upgrade (launching July 7) and a price drop.
Amazon cuts Kindle DX price to $379, improves e-ink display
The Kindlex DX’s 9.7-inch display is just a bit smaller than the iPad’s and is readable in sunlight. The new Kindle DX will feature an improved display with 50% better contrast. Like previous generation Kindle devices, the new DX features free wireless 3G access to let you buy and download ebooks without needing to use a computer.
Despite the price drop and improved screen, I’m still categorizing the Kindle as a niche device for “serious” (frequent) ebook readers. Casual ebook readers like me will be fine reading on an iPhone, iPad or Android using Kindle ebook reading apps provided by Amazon itself. Regardless, Amazon wins. I, for example, do not have a hardware Kindle ebook reader but have bought and will continue to buy ebooks for reading on other devices.