‘New Jobs For A New Decade’ Airs This Week

NPR this week is examining job prospects for 2010 and beyond, starting with “green jobs” and moving on to healthcare and tech.

There’s not much in here, as far as we can tell, of interest to media people (unless you’re dropping out of newspapers and enrolling in med school), but the overall implications for the economy are important.

In the piece that aired this morning, we learn from a Harvard labor economist that we’d have to add 300,000 jobs a month for four years in a row just to make up for the jobs we’ve lost in the last few years, “so we’re in a very deep hole.” We may not recover fully until 2015 or beyond, which is not news to anybody who’s stood in line at the unemployment office or sat on hold trying to get their unemployment check straightened out.

NPR.org also has a nice little interactive graphic to go along with the six-day package, so check it out and then listen in tomorrow.