New iPod killer being developed by Microsoft?

The Web is abuzz today, here and overseas, about a new Microsoft version of the iPod.

The BBC reports that it’s “called Origami, [and] it is thought to boast a touch screen, wireless web access, and to play music, videos and games.”

Okay. We’re good with that.

But then, further down, you get a sense of just how great the divide is between the world’s richest man and his potential customers:

“bloggers have linked to a speech made by Bill Gates at the 2005 Windows Hardware Engineering Conference in which he talked about an “ultra mobile” device that would cost less than $800 and would run all day on one battery charge. Mr. Gates put a 2007 date on the launch of this product.”

A portable device that runs all day for less than $800? Wow, Bill. Excellent pricepoint. I’ll take five!