New Hires in Social Gaming: Cie Games, CrowdStar, Digital Chocolate, & More

There’s been a normal amount of hiring in social gaming this week — this time around, eight social games development have hired on new faces according to data from LinkedIn and other sources. Nevertheless, the majority of companies stuck to hiring only one or two new individuals. The exception is Zynga, who showed significant hiring this week. In fact, it has even gained another former executive producer from Electronic Art sin the form of its new general manager, Jeremy Strauser.

On another note, European social developer Kobojo has appointed Gerhard Florin as chairman of their board of directors.

As always, if your company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please let us know. Email editor (at) insidesocialgames (dot) com, and we’ll get it into this or next week’s post. Also, please note that the information about most new hires, below, comes directly from company updates from LinkedIn, and is only as current as people’s profiles.

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Here’s this week’s full list:

Cie Games

  • Leonardo Morelli, Programmer — There is a single hire for Cie Games this week. Morelli was previously a senior programmer at iMax Games.


  • Kelly Jung, Accountant — Joining CrowdStar this week, Jung was formerly a contracted merchandise planner for Gymboree.
  • Selina Cardoza, Product Manager — Also joining CrowdStar, Cardoza was previously a community manager at Playtaki.

Digital Chocolate

Gaia Online

  • Emma Tripp, Artist — In an internal shift at Gaia Online, Tripp changes from her prior contracted artist role.


  • Gerhard Florin, Board of Directors Chairman — As noted prior, Gerhard Florin is appointed chairman of Kobojo’s board of directors. He was previously an executive vice president at Electronic Arts.


  • Katie Van Meter, Content Developer — Joining Playdom, Meter was a “Lady Otter” at Mad Otter Games.
  • Abhimanyu Kumar, Game Production Intern — Kumar was previously an iPhone game programming intern at Learning Touch.
  • Marshal Goldsum, Gameplay Programmer — Also joining Playdom, Goldsum was previously a programmer at Foundation 9 Entertainment.


  • Samuel Green, Assistant Game Designer — Now at Playfish, Green was previously a writer for the China/Asia Healthcare Blog.
  • Andrea Benavides, Software Developer – Technical Director — Benavides was formerly a teaching assistant at the Georgia Institute of Technology – College of Computing.


  • Jeremy Strauser, General Manager — As noted prior, Jeremy Strauser joins Zynga, leaving his prior role as an executive producer at Electronic Arts– Tiburon.
  • Shiva Nandan, Intern — Joining Zynga as well, Nandan was most recently a student at the National Institue of Technology, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Aniraj Kalathel, Intern — Kalathel was previously a student at the Technical Higher Secondary School, Vattamkulam.
  • Austin Sung, Senior Software Engineer — In an internal change, Sung moves positions from his prior role as a software engineer.
  • Chase Walsh, Procurement Specialist — Now at Zynga, Walsh was a procurement specialist II at VERISIGN.
  • Melanie Eusebio, Production Designer — Eusebio was previously a UI and production designer at ohai, inc.
  • Cláudia Duarte, PR for Portugal — Joining Zynga this week, Duarte was formerly a promotion and PR designer for Papabubble Portugal.
  • Tim Bach, Software Engineering Intern — Also now at Zynga, Bach was an undergraduate teaching assistant at Carnegie Mellon University.
  • Mehdy Bohlool, Software Engineering Intern — Bohlool was previously a faculty member at the University of Ahvaz.
  • Jason Ku, Software Engineering Intern — Ku was a software engineering intern at Yahoo!.
  • Lauren Wilson, Business Parnerships Talent Coordinator — Another hire at Zynga: Willson was an operations associate, content manager, and blogger at
  • Sean Janis, FarmVille Senior Software Engineer/Pod Lead — Janis was previously a software engineer for the Harris Corporation.