New Hires in Mobile Gaming: Big Fish Games, EA Mobile, Flurry, & More

Though hires among mobile applications developers was relatively strong last week, this week has shown 9 companies making new hires and changes according to data from LinkedIn. Additionally, word from iOS publisher and developer Villain has filled us in on two major hires. Joining the team as the Vice President of game design is Matthew Shetler, as well as Timothy Nice, the new Director of Villain West.

Of course, we know there are many mobile game and mobile social app developers out there, so if your company is hiring new people or making a notable promotion, please get in touch with us here: mail (at) insidemobileapps (dot) com. We’ll get your news into this or next week’s post.

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Here’s this week’s full list:


    • Rahul Oak — Oak joins Flurry this week as a senior software developer. Previously, he was filling the same role at Bloomberg.


    • Laurent Faubert-Bouvier — Faubert-Bouvier joins Gameloft this week as a “réalisateur” or “director.”
    • Dietmar Suoch — Now a developer at Gameloft, Suoch was previously a freelancer.
    • Alexandre Fournier — Gameloft gains a new Flash developer with Fournier. His prior experience was as a Flash/Flex programmer at Vortex Solution.

    Glu Mobile

    • Anagha Kulkarni — In an internal change for Glu Mobile, Kulkarni moves from software engineer to senior software engineer.


    • Will Griffiths — Griffiths joins NaturalMotion as an associate producer. He was previously a security specialist at Accenture.
    • Matthew Edwards — NaturalMotion hires Edwards this week as their newest social game designer.
    • Justin Webb — Now a games programmer for NaturalMotion, Webb previously filled the same role at Exient.
    • Paul Burgess — Formerly a programmer for Exient, Burgess is now a games programmer for NaturalMotion.
    • Rob Ruck — Ruck rounds out the list of new games programmers for NaturalMotion this week.
    • Stuart Bayliss — NaturalMotion makes an internal shift this week, as Bayliss moves from QA manager to producer.


    • Ian Macpherson — Macpherson is now a software engineer for test at ngmoco. Prior to this, he was a software development engineer in test at Microsoft.

    Rovio Mobile

    • Mauricio Hollando — Now a game programmer for Rovio Mobile, Hollando was previously a video editor and Flash developer at Tabula Digital.

    Social Gaming Network

    • Andres de Lucca — Another internal change, as LinkedIn data notes de Lucca changing roles at Social Gaming Network from strategy and analytics manager to director of strategy and analytics.



    • Matthew Shetler — As noted prior, Matthew Shetler is the new vice president of game design at Villain. Before this, he was a design lead at Playdom NC.
    • Timothy Nice — Joining Villian as its new director of Villain West is Timothy Nice, the former art director of MunkyFun Inc.